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We the Church of Christ know that one of our strongest tools is Prayer. Through God nothing is impossible. Because of this we pray for all who request it. The Lord Jesus prayed through out his life, that his father's will be done, as we do everyday. The Word prayer or pray, is in the Bible 427 times, this points to it importance as well. 

Prayer requested:



Prayers for those mentioned in church. Those in pain, those haveing medical procedures, and those that are traveling. 


Pray for Gods guidance for our country and times ahead.


Pray for those that are lost and need help to find there way back to Christ.


Pray for the ability to have the courage, knowledge, strength, and humility needed to be able to guide the lost in the direction of God.  


Please pray for our Church here in Fort Dodge. Pray for guidance and growth.


If there is any need for prayers please be sure to send us an email or contact the Men for Announcement

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